Fun Fact:  The dab of toothpaste you squeeze onto your toothbrush is called a “nurdle.” 🤓

A CDC study concluded that 40% of American children may be “overnurdling” and using too much toothpaste! 

At City Kids Dental, we recommend that you assist your child with brushing until approximately age 8.  While working to build great habits, you can ensure your child is not swallowing too much paste.  This will maximize your preventive efforts and minimize the chance of  dental fluorosis (white speckling, mottling or discoloration of enamel).  This is so important during the early ages where adult teeth are actively forming.  So, don’t supersize your nurdle!

Parents and caregivers are advised to ensure these recommended amounts:

🔹Use a rice sized nurdle of fluoride toothpaste at age 2

🔹Use no more than a pea-sized nurdle amount for children ages 3 to 6 years.

At City Kids Dental, our focus in on prevention! We offer Infant, Child, Adolescent Patient Examinations.  Based on our caries risk assessment of your child, we provide individualized instructions in oral hygiene, diet/nutrition, and home fluoride use.  We cannot wait to see you!