Don’t Get Surprised!

Have you ever gotten a “surprise cavity”?  Our City Kids families have the basics down.  Most of us know that sugar is bad for teeth and overall health for that matter.  We avoid obvious sugars, brush our teeth twice daily and even floss!   Yet, sometimes we are surprised.

A previous blog lured you in with these questions,  “Are you reaching for fruit and veggies or Goldfish crackers? Cheese sticks or a party sized bag of chips?”  We don’t think of crackers or chips as true cavity causers but here are the facts:

  • Processed white flour in white bread, crackers, pretzels, dry flour cereals and chips is a form of sugar.
  • Bacteria on your teeth use sugars from these foods to produce acids. These acids dissolve enamel in a process called demineralization.  Teeth also regain minerals from saliva and fluorides in a process called remineralization.
  • The longer food lingers, the more acids will be produced and demineralization is favored. Sticky carbohydrates are perfect for tipping the scales in favor of demineralization.   When eaten these foods turn into mushy, starch filled globs that stick to the teeth longer than fruits and veggies, cheese, or even dark chocolate!  This texture can also pack down in between teeth and linger.
  • Tooth decay begins inside the enanel when minerals are being lost faster than regained.

Frequent lingering starches causes cavities.   Now you know.  So Don’t Get Surprised!

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, and Snack Wisely!  Build great habits for a lifetime of smiles and overall health!