We LOVE candy too!
BUT… we also know some types of candy can do real damage to your teeth!
Be aware of hard candies that can chip or break a tooth.   They also tend to linger and bathe the teeth in sugar.  Cavities are a result of bacteria using sugars to make acids that over time can breakdown tooth enamel to form a hole (cavity) in the tooth.   In addition to sugar, sour candy has a higher acid content which directly breakdowns tooth enamel.  Avoid all sticky icky, gooey and chewy candies.  Especially those that can stick in tooth pits and grooves and in between teeth.   This makes sugar available over a long period of time and can cause tooth decay in between the teeth.
A “safer” candy choice is DARK CHOCOLATE.  Chocolate melts away quickly and can have dental health benefits.  For an antioxidant boost, break off a square of 70% dark chocolate instead.  As you increase the cacao, your chocolate will become less sweet but healthier.   Properties in dark chocolate have been proven to strengthen enamel, ward off tooth decay, and may actually help prevent cavities! Unfortunately, none of these health benefits of chocolate come in sugary milk chocolate or white chocolate. To get the benefits, you need to go with a low-sugar dark chocolate that contains ideally 70 to 80% cacao.
Don’t forget basic oral hygiene and regular dentist check-ups. Nothing replaces proper flossing technique, strong brushing habits, and seeing your dentist regularly to prevent cavities and dental problems.