🤪 STIR CRAZY from the COVID-19 Quarantine? 🤪
We’ve got you covered!
Check Out Ways You Can STAY SANE While Stuck at HOME! 🏡
1. BOARD GAMES… BOARD GAMES… and MORE BOARD GAMES. 🎲 Our Favorites… Jenga, Risk, Life, Monopoly, Connect Four, Sorry!
2. COOK TOGETHER. EAT TOGETHER. Try a NEW recipe that you make and eat together as a family! 🍳
3. BE CHARITABLE! Clean out your closet(s) or garage with a goal to give stuff away! 📦
4. TAKE A DAILY WALK – alone, as a couple, or with your whole family – don’t forget the dog! 🐶
5. BUILD A FORT – you’re never too old to build a great fort and do a sleepover  in the family room!
6. ENTER OUR ART CONTEST…. check out the details on our  instagram and facebook pages!  

Be Well!  Stay positive and healthy!  Have fun while flattening the curve!