We are taking every step to keep our City Kids Dental Family safe, sound and smiling!

You will see 10 changes in our safety protocols that fit right into our commitment to excellence done with love!

  1. Reduced Scheduling Volumes
  2. Mobile Check-in
  3. Screening of our staff, patients, and visitors
  4. Physical Distancing
  5. Hand Sanitizer Use (Thank you, Koval!)
  6. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  7. Pre-procedural Mouthwash
  8. A focus on Methods to Avoid the Production of Dental Aerosols
  9. Adjunct High Speed Evacuation of Dental Aerosols
  10. Medical Grade Air Purifiers

We are proud of our commitment to the highest standards of infection control and safety.   We cannot wait to see you at your next visit.   You can appoint with Confidence!