EARTH DAY is a great day to green your dental routine! 🌎  Taking care of the earth should be as routine as brushing your teeth everyday.

Here are 3 Earth Day tips for you:

1. Conserve Water:  turn off the tap while you brush!💧
2. Recycle:  buy brushes made from recycled or renewable materials and recycle when it is time for a new one! ♻️  Remember, City Kids Dental has teamed up with Colgate Oral Care Recycling Program and TerraCycle to recycle your oral care waste.
3. Compost! …. and even help your garden grow!   Biodegradable brushes made of everything from cornstarch to plant based bioplastics are available and won’t clog our landfills.

Take a moment to consider the changes you can make to help save the planet this year and enjoy this beautiful Earth Day!